This is an example of using student photos and videos mashed up with online content to create a morning routine. The student color cards (red, blue, green) are introduced as part of the multimedia routine.

This is an example of classroom photos (Halloween) becoming part of our " letter of the week". Eventually the photos would become part of our family engagement video Grasshopper Alphabet. 

Technology was used in this project in several ways. It was designed as an interactive book (Power Point) in which students participated in the retelling of Five Little Pumpkins. I serve as the narrator with each child reading their line in the book. We began the school year with photo cards for primary colors; red, blue, and green. 

This video demonstrates the use of Power Point as a teaching tool. Expanding from the color cards, shapes were introduced so each student also had an assigned shape; rhombus, hexagon, trapezoid, and triangle. In this activity we used Power Point functionality to find their shapes in our community. 

This video is the result of using a green screen on a table top and sensory table over a two week period. The end result is this video highlighting each of their structures.

As part of our Rock and Plants unit (Summer of 2020) the students made crystals. This is a video of the Geode Crystals at the end of the project.  I used the slow motion feature and color filters from my video editor.  Using video to celebrate the learning process was one way I integrated technology.

When we could not go on walks because of the weather, we would get our Go Noodle! on.  Many of the activities simulated a walk where you would dodge, duck, or jump to avoid obstacles.

In an attempt to make Second Step (Social Emotional Learning) lessons more interactive, I converted some lessons to Power Point. Students were more engaged in the lessons than they were with just the poster and teacher talk. 

A simple and important way I integrated technology was using student photos and the Second Step songs to create "social learning videos" of the kids. These videos typically reinforced a previous lesson. Parents often mentioned children would sing the songs at home.

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